Business trips 2022: Proske and TROOP partner to launch sustainable planning platform to Proske customers

Press release

(Munich, 26.05.2022)

Event agency Proske is partnering with the leading meeting planning platform TROOP to provide simplified meeting planning to the masses. The self-service platform aggregates thousands of data points including the carbon footprint, travel costs, visa requirements and much more about the location for a meeting or event enabling planners to make informed decision about where to meet and uniquely how to avoid CO2 emissions.

The meetings industry is once again undergoing significant change. While virtual meetings were standard during the COVID-19 highs, the current phase is seeing a renewed appetite for hybrid and face-to-face meetings. The new partnership between Proske and TROOP makes it easier for clients to evaluate where to meet, while reducing unnecessary emissions, costs and time incurred traveling by choosing the best destination.

Spencer Brace, Head of Growth at TROOP commented. “We are delighted to be partnering with Proske, enabling them to offer TROOP’s unique platform to their customers and transform their ability to meet the new demands of organizations as they restart Business Travel. With a distributed workforce needing to connect in person and sustainability goals to be achieved, the only way to plan effectively is to have the data available at the planning stage to ensure the most green, cost effective and time efficient location is chosen. “


Proske as a strategic event agency, focuses on consulting their clients on the best way forward, in terms of strategy, costs and services. TROOP delivers the tool to support this process.  

Proske and TROOP: High-end providers in meeting management

The two meeting experts have been working together for some time, and now the cooperation has turned into a firm partnership. Proske, which specializes in strategic meeting management as well as virtual, hybrid and face-to-face events, and TROOP, a meeting planning platform that helps travel and event managers to make informed decisions about the best destination for convening global meetings. Proske, a family-owned company with headquarter in Munich, advises its international clients on how to implement corporate goals in meetings at the highest technical level with clear strategic communication concepts. Meetings, product presentations or large conferences can take place on the in-house developed “Virtual Venue Platform”.

Meetings become even more sustainable – bundled competences increase planning efficiency

Proske now has access to TROOP’s platform. With the help of this platform, customers can analyze and visualize in real time how and where a meeting of employees from different countries should best take place – or whether a high-end virtual event would be the better alternative due to high costs and complicated legal situations, for example pandemic-related entry restrictions.

Proske Co-CEO Larissa Steinbäcker about the cooperation: “We are really looking forward to the cooperation with TROOP, as we believe that this tool will enable us to advise our customers even more efficiently and thus more cost-effectively in the future. All data is hosted in one system, which allows us to use TROOP as a quick decision-making tool to evaluate where the meeting should take place or whether we should really go hybrid or virtual. Especially with today’s lead times, no one has the time or money to spend weeks looking for the right destination, so we’re excited to continue driving the digitization of our industry.”

Bright outlook for the Proske and TROOP partnership

Already this year, experts expect business travel to match or even surpass the record level of 2019. At that time, 55.3 billion euros were turned over in the business travel sector in Germany; in 2020, the market then slumped by around 80 percent due to Covid. Many experts are convinced that virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings form a perfect symbiosis. With the partnership of Proske and TROOP, customers can make efficient use of these two options for direct business communication, including tailored preparation and follow-up of meetings.

About Proske

Proske is a leading partner for events and Strategic Meeting Management Programs (SMMP). The agency’s vision is to inspire the events industry and guide its fundamental transformation. In doing so, Proske supports its clients in how they leverage event programs to achieve their local and global goals. The approach is to guide companies every step of the way, enabling their outsourcing to the desired degree in a structured and creative manner. Proske provides comprehensive creative, logistics and strategy consulting services for sustainable SMMPs. As a contribution to sustainable events, a virtual platform was designed to be used as a solution for different event formats. Founded as a family business, Proske is now one of the largest event agencies in Germany as well as internationally, with over 80 employees and locations in Rosenheim, Munich, and New York. For more information, please visit and


Founded in 2017 by co-CEOs Dennis Vilovic and Leonard Cremer, TROOP’s mission is to make organizing a meeting effortless for anyone. Vilovic, based in Madrid (Spain), and Cremer, based in Johannesburg (South Africa), started the company to create an easy-to-use data-driven meeting planning and management tool. TROOP is an effective platform for planning small or large meetings for companies of any size and location.

TROOP is the only platform that gives visibility of all the data that meeting planners need to decide where the best location is for the next in-person meeting by analyzing risk, cost, and even CO2 emissions.

The platform is benefiting meeting planners by removing all the manual work required to pull together pricing, availability, sustainability, and safety data. In September 2021 TROOP announced a $8 million Series A investment round to accelerate the development of its successful meetings management platform and has received multiple industry awards, including the Phocuswright Innovation Award and the Disrupt Award from the Business Travel Show. For more information, please visit

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