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Although corporate events aren’t often mentioned in the same context as Shrek and The Minions in this instance there should be a distinct connection. Events are all about engagement and in the last few years these animated movies have topped the charts in bringing an idea to life. Which is why corporate marketers should be taking a leaf out of their childhood and consider using the following 4 elements to bring their event more in line with the award winning engagement offered by the likes of Dream Works.



Any successful experience has a message behind it, an objective to be reached and an event is no different. Align strategic goals with the event, providing a clear and distinct purpose. Shrek teaches us not to take everything at face value.


With the ever increasing success of content marketing, events have become more and more important, because of their ability to deliver more than just a snippet of information. Live storytelling provides a tangible cumulative connection to the brand or product and the listener or in this case the experiencer.


Animated movies wouldn’t resonate so well with their audience if they didn’t visually engage them, rousing every emotion through enlivening every characteristic. Similarly events need to arouse and connect with the target through a variety of visual stimuli, brand world creation, collateral design, audiovisual and stage design to name a few.


Gru and The Minions never stop to deliver emotional moments that make you laugh or hum along and equally events have to pack an emotional punch. To deliver an emotional connection make sure to remember who the audience is and what will connect them to the story and message. Examples could include team spirit moments (sales force drummer session), wow technic (3D projection) or back to basics entertainment moments (sole dancer under a spotlight).

All of these together culminate in the most coveted event asset of all: ENGAGEMENT.

Thinking how to bring back the magic of engagement into your events? Let’s talk.

Georgina Janvier

Head of Sales and Marketing

Holding a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, a CIM diploma in Digital Media and Branding and now completing her Executive MBA, she combines knowledge and experience to challenge and inspire.

Having worked in the industry for over 8 years, she has developed brand experiences for almost everyone including big brands like Coca-Cola to NGOs. She knows exactly how to turn ideas into tangible realities for real business results.

Here at Proske, Georgina leads our creative, production and marketing teams, using her detailed knowledge to increase engagement across all of our clients.

Georgina has a unique ability to step back, look at the bigger picture, and find the missing ingredient to turn live marketing into an experience that will produce ongoing business impact.