partnership with radius travel

We love meetings and events strategy - and so does our new partner. On October 4th, it was announced that Proske will join the Radius travel network as their first pure meetings and events partner.   At Proske, we know Strategic Meetings Management (SMMP) well and we want to b[...]


the interactivity factor: the change in the way people take in information.

It seems like every day something’s changing. If I just look at my life: I’ll watch a movie, WhatsApp with a friend, snapchat my niece and Instagram the cat – all at the same time. It’s not enough to just watch the movie, I also need to talk about it, hear what other peop[...]


bringing a little street art creativity into corporate standardization

With the rise in importance of Strategic Meeting Management Programs (SMMP) as a solution for meetings and live marketing across multiple industry segments, the knock on effects of standardization and process optimization comes into question. These programs deliver a structured a[...]


what should shrek, the minions and your next event have in common

Although corporate events aren’t often mentioned in the same context as Shrek and The Minions in this instance there should be a distinct connection. Events are all about engagement and in the last few years these animated movies have topped the charts in bringing an idea to li[...]


success control in smmp

Already in the concept phase of a Strategic Meeting Management Program (SMMP) and need to think of success control and relevant KPIs? The scenario: Your environment is shaky and the future still uncertain.  The number and volume of your projects are unforeseeable. Budgets are c[...]