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A highly creative incentive, driving our client’s companywide productivity and motivation levels to sustainably increase.

After a hugely successful year for our client, their entire team was whisked away for a once-in-a-lifetime week-long experience.

The theme was ‘The Colors of Success’, and every day represented a new color with new adventures to entail.

We wanted to show our guests a side of Miami that the average tourist could never access, so we threw ourselves into The Magic City’s exhilarating art scene, spectacular landscapes, and distinctive culture.


We took them to the Wynwood Walls and the Gala, we closed down modern art galleries and fine-dined in them, we went shark tagging, we built our own graffiti wall with a professional graffiti artist, and we even took to the water in a catamaran to behold Miami from another perspective.

The companywide incentive rewarded the team for their incredible work over the past year, and has proved to be an incredible incentive to work towards for the year ahead. Before we had even left Miami, we were being asked what the plan was for next year’s event, but we’re keeping that tightly under wraps…for now.


“You think of all the little details before I even need to ask”

Kathy Turner, Corporate Vice President, IDEXX



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