HV Magazin Hauptversammlungen 10/2017

Posted by - 08-10-2017

Von der Pflicht zur Kür

Hauptversammlungen werden inzwischen in vielfältiger Weise für die Kommunikation genutzt – und machen so die Pflicht zur Kür. Neben dem Dialog mit der Financial Community, Investoren und Kleinanlegern nimmt die Hauptversammlung auch eine wichtige Rolle im Rahmen der Marketingkommunikation ein. Dabei ist die Einbindung dieser wesentlichen Veranstaltung in die ganzheitliche Unternehmenskommunikation angeraten...

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Quelle: Aus: HV Magazin, Ausgabe 3/2017 – https://www.goingpublic.de/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/_EPAPER_/epaper-HV-Magazin-3-2017/#18

René Proske

Managing Director
When it comes to strategic meeting management, René is the one to know. He's worked his way through all touchpoints from the ground up, be it operative, marketing, strategy or HR; René really knows what makes a business tick. He's poured into Proske years of passion and sustained a productive and collaborative environment for all employees. Before joining Proske, René studied travel and tourism and worked with DER Travel Agencies and Tour Operators as well as landing key roles in global marketing and sales functions within the finance industry . Outside of Proske, René engages in key philanthropic activities that promote a culture of respect and appreciation for individuals and different cultures.René is a skilled industry speaker who combines his deep knowledge of how it all works with a profound understanding of company needs. All of which contributes to him being a driving force behind the growth and success of Proske. Under René’s leadership Proske has become one of the leading family owned European businesses in the industry.