Event Agency.

Proske: Your event agency with competence and passion!


An event can create unique experiences and highlights, that visitors will remember for a long time. Creative ideas and experience in organizing events are important to reach this goal.

A good event agency recognizes your demands for the event and offers you innovative chances to exceed your wishes. We deliver your communicational goals and we exactly convey the impression you want to leave with the event to all guests. We provide the necessary contacts, know-how and creativity with the full attention to detail, a quality that characterizes our event agency.

As an event agency, we work according to a unique concept, which offers the necessary flexibility and, at the same time, enables organized action. This concept is based on three main competences:

  • SMMP – Strategic Meeting and Management Program
  • Creative – Technology turns ideas into reality and sets them to the stage
  • Logistics – smooth workflows, because i’s the detail that counts

To make it simple: event planning consists of creative ideas, careful planning and exact execution. Only when all three phases harmonize perfectly, the result can meet all expectations. And surpass them.

Event planning with a clear concept

In company with you we develop your individual event concept. At the beginning in a detailed conversation we clarify, what goals you want to achieve with your event. As an event agency with many years of experience, we already estimate in the beginning, what will be necessary for this. In addition, we give you tips on how to make your events even more successful. Afterwards, it is up to you whether you want to define every detail yourself or give us a more or less free hand approach, when planning your event.
Our team ensures you, a smoothly running event with no problems to occur.
Event planning not only consists of finding and renting a suitable location and providing catering. To make an event successful, often many small and large screws have to be adjusted behind the scenes. Only the perfect interplay of all components leads to the desired result. You will benefit from our contacts to numerous reliable cooperation partners in relevant areas. We know the right people and important partners, who make your event special.

We plan and organize company events, incentives, catering, event decoration, shuttle service, event locations, event staff, artists and trade fair services. We are your event agency with experience and system!