- 22-10-2015

With the rise in importance of Strategic Meeting Management Programs (SMMP) as a solution for meetings and live marketing across multiple industry segments, the knock on effects of standardization and process optimization comes into question. These programs deliver a structured approach to meetings and events throughout the company no matter the meeting type or vertical that the meeting requestor comes from. Which is why, many corporations that are about to instigate regional or global SMMP often silently consider whether process enhancement kills creativity.



Regulating practices directly affect efficiency and accountability within a company, allowing for solutions to be found within a predetermined framework. Processes are designed that sanction easy decision making and a decrease in corporate uncertainties or grey areas. Standardization generally equates to reduced time, minimization of costs, increase in transparency and fundamentally added value for the company, function or department. All in all it’s clear that process standardization is not a seasonal accessory but a necessary part of our corporate lives that makes a tangible difference to the bottom line. However, does this impact our ability to be flexible and original within our function and deliver high impact engagements to the relevant targets?



It’s easy to be inventive when the sky’s the limit and time is no barrier, but with capped budgets, regulated timeframes and clear restrictions - creativity needs to become a whole lot more imaginative. Having a standardized process all parties need to be extremely efficient, give clear briefings and hone in on objectives as well as assign sufficient time for the creative process within the uniform meeting process design. If adequate time is allocated within the standardized procedures up front and a collaboration chart is developed, an event within an SMMP will become more relevant, more engaging and deliver on given business goals. Just like the inspired street artist Banksy who uses public spaces innovatively to deliver his politically charged message simply to his target; corporates in combination with their SMMP delivery partners need to become more imaginative in finding objective conveying solutions and persist in pushing the boundaries of innovation and engagement with their audience. Banksy works with limited time and a boundless mind, we too need to free up our creative thinking within a more restrictive environment.

Thinking how to bring a little of that Banksy freedom to your SMMP? Let’s talk.

Beatriz Hernandez Oteo

Creative Marketing Director
Beatriz combines creativity, out of the box thinking, a global outlook and a strategic understanding to create once in a lifetime brand experiences. She makes sure to impact her clients by combining design and ideation witha tangible business outcome. She’s lived and worked in Germany, USA, UK and Spain – therefore she always apply cross cultural understanding to her conceptual offers.