B2B Events.

Live Marketing by Proske – strategic, creative, enthusiastic


Whether at a conference or a trade fair, whether on a grand scale or on a small scale – with Proske specialists, your B2B event will become a success all along the line.

Our team takes care of the entire process, from project planning to execution to success control, with endurance and creativity. And you can invest your energy into your core competencies. With our energy and experience, we ensure that your B2B event runs exactly as it is planned.

More than just another exchange betweeen business partners

The B2B event does not live solely from contacts and communication. Events are a networking platform for numerous industries and they are ideally suited for live marketing campaigns. It depends on much more factors than just bringing the right people together, whether an event is successful or not. The location, the equipment, the technology, the food, the program, the interaction possibilities between organizers and participants: only a successful interaction of all these factors makes the success of a B2B event.

With Proske you get a creative partner that is specialized in this interaction. We ensure you a successful combination of originality, strategic preparation and perfect execution. In the meantime, you can concentrate entirely on your contacts, the product presentation, the dialogue with new or known partners.

Inspire enthusiasm, generate emotions – with B2B events

B2B event marketing is as multifaceted as the industries, where the meetings, congresses or conferences take place, themselves. Our goal is to inspire your customers. They should feel comfortable in the events atmospheree, they should have the feeling of being understood. That’s why in our concepts and strategies we always focus on the experience factor. We think, thats’s exactly what resonates after the B2B event, that’s what arouses curiosity for your upcoming event.


Our range of services for your business success

  • Planning of national and international B2B events, such as symposia, trade fair, congress or conference
  • marketing for all levels of the event (including announcement of the event at media partners, promotion during the event, follow-up of the B2B event)
  • Budget planning and budget monitoring, including control of success and evaluation of the event
  • Planning and implementation of B2B events for the acquisition of new customers as well as the binding of regular customers

Present innovations in an unusual context, inspire your listeners with experience-oriented lectures, create experiences that remain. Proske provides you with an optimal symbiosis of professional management, logistical know-how and creative minds.


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