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the interactivity factor: the change in the way people take in information.

It seems like every day something’s changing.  If I just look at my life: I’ll watch a...

Posted by Georgina Janvier - 25.02.2016

bringing a little street art creativity into corporate standardization

With the rise in importance of Strategic Meeting Management Programs (SMMP) as a solution f...

Posted by Georgina Janvier - 22.10.2015

what should shrek, the minions and your next event have in common

Although corporate events aren’t often mentioned in the same cont...

Posted by Georgina Janvier - 18.10.2015

success control in smmp

Already in the concept phase of a Strategic Meeting Management Program (SMMP) and need to think of success control a...

Posted by Markus Struppler - 17.10.2015